50s male  I.K (Yamanashi): The session started by doing some yoga poses with Amit. Not only  did I feel more loose physically but also I felt the energy circulating better.  The singing bowl session followed and it was so relaxing that I think I was half asleep. The session was really great, but Amit himself had such a delicate soft aura and his energy healed me at the same time. Thank you for the session. It was much more than I expected. 



30s male T.Y (Yamanashi):It has been a month since I received the singing bowl session at Himalayan Yoga&Healing. But ever since that session, I feel much lighter in my body and everything looks much brighter.  My atmosphere and consciousness is clear as the winter blue sky. I realized that my action and thoughts has become much more simple and dynamic. The session created a harmony between Himalaya and Yatsugatake. And I felt that energy expanding through out my whole body. Everyday is a new beginning. Thank you very much Amit-sensei. 



40s female T.H (Yokohama) :Even though I met him for the first time, I sensed Amit's sincerity and earnestness which made me feel deeply relaxed both physically and mentally.  I had a crystal bowl healing session before, and that kind of took me straight up to another dimension and it was very difficult for me to come back for a while. But this time, the experience with this metallic moon bowl was different. Maybe because he led me to do some yoga and breathing technique prior to the actual singing bowl session, I felt like I was grounded and connected to Earth as well as the Universe. Even after the session, I was able to come back quickly with a very clear and comfortable feeling. Thank you so much! It was truly a wonderful experience. I will write more later after few weeks and see how I feel then. 



50s female M.K (Tokyo):This was my first time to receive a singing bowl full session. It's difficult for me to describe the sensation I was experiencing during the session. It was like being in the middle of the Universe. It was very comfortable and deeply relaxing. It was being very far away and very deep inside the Earth at the same time. I particularly liked the sound of the Tingsha bell. It was the most soothing pure sound.  I used to get dry mouth before and had to drink a lot of water everyday and go to the bathroom often. But after the session, I noticed that I don't feel the needs to drink water so much and I don't need to go to the bathroom at night.  It said that the 2nd chakra work helps the urine problem/kidney. And it seems like it worked for me!  Thank you very much. I would like to take the session again some time.