What is a singing bowl?


Singing Bowl is an instrument used for creating vibrations and sounds for various kinds of therapies. It is made from 7 special alloys. While the term ‘Tibetan singing bowl’ may be a modern developed term, the blending of sound and practice has been used in Tibet since the ancient times, even before the beginning of Buddhism. The singing bowl culture entered Nepal from a small village of Tibet and still remains its culture in the Himalayan region.


A singing bowl is made out of eight types of earth metals. After completion only seven metal remains in Bowl, every bowl has different sounds and vibration frequencies that represents seven different planets and Chakra. A bowl produces the harmonic universal sounds that are used for deep relaxation and stress reduction, holistic healing and chakra balancing. They help to remove blockages from the body and provide relief from the different kinds of pains, diseases and sickness. The sound of bowls causes an immediate and focused effect. This sound also helps to maintain balance between the right and the left brain.


Metal used in Singing Bowl are as follows:


1-     Copper

2-     Tin

3-     Zinc

4-     Iron

5-     Lead

6-     Gold

7-     Silver


The Moon Bowl


      The singing bowls I use for the sessions are one of a kind. It is the ancient singing bowl that is traditionally made only under the full moon. The energy of the full moon adds a special power to the process in making the magnificent singing bowl. It shines like the full moon and will treat you with a special effect and sounds that no other singing bowl can provide. 






Sound Therapy 


Sound is one of the fastest and deepest medium to reach our body and mind. In everyday life we experience sound and vibration differently. When used properly, sound is one of the most effective method to reach the body through the melody of the singing bowls. Our mind and body are capable to calm, balance and harmonize by the effect of its vibrational energy.





● Please bring or wear comfortable and relaxing clothes during the session.




Relaxation and Sacral Chakra Healing (45 mins)


  1. Cleansing Body
  2. Relaxation
  3. Swadhisthanachakra (Sacral Chakra) Healing 

In this session, the main focus will be SwadhisthanaChakra (Sacral Chakra). According to an ancient belief, most of the problems in women are related to Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra), If swadhisthana chakra (Sacral Chakra) is not balanced, it creates menstruation disorders which further leads to migraine and other problems. This healing therapy is also useful for the people who are suffering from kidney stones and urine related problems. It also helps to recover from stomach related problems. It cools down your mind and relaxes the body.


According to your needs, I am able to change the program within the time frame you want.


Through out the session you will keep your clothes on. And all is done by the sound of the singing bowl.


Session fee: 7,000 yen (tax included) 



Relaxation and body balancing therapy (90 mins)


  1. Pranayama (Breathing Exercise)
  2. Cleansing Body
  3. Relaxation
  4. Balancing Chakras
  5. Heart purification


In this session, we will cool down our mind with the harmonic sounds of singing bowls and will meditate to balance mind and Chakra. Every bowl represents chakra and it will directly effect on chakra, body and mind. This session will help you to recover from insomnia, sleep disorders, purification of chakra, discomfort, lack of confidence and will help heal from the unwanted situations in your lives.


Through out the session you will keep your clothes on. And all is done by the sound of the singing bowl.


Session fee: 13,000 yen (tax included)  



Dynamic Mindfulness Whole Body Healing Therapy (2 hours)


  1. Body opening Yoga Asana
  2. Pranayama (Breathing exercise)
  3. Cleansing body (Singing bowl)
  4. Full body healing therapy (Singing bowl)


This unique technique is for all those, who are suffering from various ailments in their bodies.. The ailments include, headache, back pain, improper & unhealthy spinal cord, joints problem, body pain, insomnia, depression, hypertension and many more. This healing treatment will help you to recognize your inner self and will provide you strength to recover from internal problems and injuries. It also massages your body with sounds and vibrations to give you rejuvenating and harmonious body and mind.


Through out the session you will keep your clothes on. And all is done by the sound of the singing bowl.


Session fee: 16,000 yen (tax included) 



☆ Location ☆:




         Rental room in Tamagawa area or central Tokyo. W can discuss the location.  


* Payment - Cash only





Cleaning house/office by Singing Bowl


Believe it or not singing bowls help to clean house and other living places. As you believe in day, light, bright, white, consciousness, positivity, morning and god, in the same way, night, darkness, black, unconsciousness, negativity, and evil (negative energy) also exist. Somehow these energies effect our health and living places. You must have experienced that despite of having a healthy body. People sometimes feel heaviness and low, also they feel lack of confidence and full of laziness., It may be due to negative energy inside their house. The singing bowl helps to remove the negative energy altogether and brings in the positive and good energy inside the house.


Before entering a new home or opening up a new office, it is recommended to have this technical procedure done, to make your home/office a good beginning and capable for new positive energy to come in. 


Fee:  It will depend on the size of the house/office/salon. Please give us the blueprint of your place and we will get back to you with the estimate. One corner will take about 2~3 minutes to cleanse. 









See how the water reacts with the singing bowl sound and vibration.

Your body is 70~80% made out of water. The healing effect with the sound vibration is unmeasurable. It will change in the level of your cells and molecules.  






Short view of the healing session. This is merely one short partial example. Each session may differ according to the condition of the client.