Amit Chhetri









Yogi, Singing bowl healer.  

Born in the Spiritual Himalayan country Nepal, Chhetri has spent his childhood and mid 20`s in India.  Yoga was always part of his life. He have been practicing yoga for over 20 years starting from early childhood as compulsory yoga subject in school. He was a soccer player but at the age of 15, one day during the match he broke his back and had to quit soccer. The doctor told him he would never be able to play soccer again, but with the help of Yoga he cured himself and bring back a normal life. That is why I felt the passion to teach people about yoga and its benefits. (He is now in late 30s.)


He now teaches Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga based on ancient style after training with Dr. Jitendra Das at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation in India.  For Tantra Yoga, he trained under Yogi Prakash Dhungana in Nepal. 

He is intuitive, empathetic and observant teacher. He is dedicated to teaching yoga in a way that enables students to understand for themselves, so that their practice will engage and support them mentally, emotionally and physically throughout their lives. In the class situation, the individuals will be taught in a way that is encouraging to develop their depth of perception within the practice.