Mobile Yoga


In today`s world, everyone is so busy that no one has time to make efforts for improving their health, or we can say that they have very less time available time with them. Mobile yoga is for the people who want to practice with their family members, friends or like-minded people. Such people can choose their own place for Yoga practice, wherever they feel comfortable, for say home, office, community center, park or place, etc,.  



Corporate Yoga


Yoga in your workplace is a great way to combat stress, connect with your colleagues in a fun and relaxing setting and increase your physical fitness. In such classes, all companies need conduct weekly yoga classes inside their offices. The benefits of Yoga will not only make the employees happier, but they will make them more productive and more excited to come to work!


There are a lot of evidences that workplace health promotion program affects employee health positively and further can result in cost savings, higher productivity and improved levels of employee engagement in the organizations, if included in a broader and more integrated perspective w.r.t. to the mentioned factors.



Private Classes:


 I offer private one-to-one or small group classes for your individual needs.  In these classes, I work with my students to create a customized program.  These sessions will focus on healing, recovery from any injury and/or transform you from limitations to being open, create freedom and more movements in the body. After a consultation session, I will develop a program based on your specific needs.  Combining my alignment-based training and the thousands of hours of teaching, I am ready to support you in achieving your goals of becoming healthy and vibrant.



Regular Classes 


Please come and join us for the regular on going classes. Beginners welcome. I am teaching in small groups and will guide along to individulas so each of you can improve and have better understanding. Be more flexible and have a healthier life.


☆ Shinjuku:  Hatha&Tantra Yoga) Place click here for map. 


Closed for now. Please inquire if you would like to start a group with me.


  • Please contact us to apply for class with your full name and phone number.
  • We will update the information when new classes comes up.





One Class:

3,000 yen

5-Class Ticket:

12,500 yen 

10-Class Ticket:

22,500 yen 

Private Class 

Depends on time and location.





Class Etiquette


  •  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of class.
  •  Kindly switch off your mobile phone.


General Terms and Conditions


  • Himalayan Yoga and Healing reserves the right to cancel, change or vary classes, teachers, and workshops in some urgent situation. While we endeavor to give you as much notice as we can, this may not always be possible. Please check up-to-date info on all classes and events. If you cannot make it to class, please email me before hand.


     Privacy Policy 


  • We will not pass your email address or any other details on to any other party without your consent.
  •  Tickets can be used in all the locations.




  •  We accept only cash.
  •  All Membership payments will be made upfront.