Himalayan Yoga and Healing


I focus on well-being, success, friendliness and professional work.


I offer Private Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Group Yoga, intense courses for weight reduction, wellness treatments, travels and retreats (Nepal).


I found out that the most of the Yoga taught in Japan today has been alternated in many ways. And I wish to teach the authentic Yoga that is taught in India and Nepal.


I teach based on Hatha & Tantra Yoga and meditation




What is Hatha Yoga?


Hatha yoga is the original yoga of all yoga styles. “Ha” means the Sun, and the inhaling breath. “tha” means the Moon and exhaling breath. The purpose of Hatha yoga is to balance the energy of the two yin and yang and create harmony within.


What is Tantra Yoga?


Tantra is made up of two terms ‘tan’ and ‘tra’. The term ‘tan’ means to expand or to extend and another term ‘tra’ means “liberate” or “free.” Therefore Tantra means liberation from bondage of mind through expansion of awareness or expansion prana (energy). Tantra Yoga is a traditional yoga practice that originates in Nepal and is spreading light in the world now.


The founder of Tantra is Lord Shiva who is also the founder of Yoga of all types. Tantra needs practice not belief, and you will experience it by yourself.



Tantra Yoga itself is a meditation.



What is Meditation?


It is a wonderful method of using respiration as a means to develop awareness, understanding and calming

of the mind. It is the Ancient Yogis' great development for the humankind.



The meditation works as a mean to transform the human mind. The meditation practices are techniques

that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing attitude towards

true nature of things. After being engaged in a particular meditation practice, you’ll learn the patterns and

habits of your mind, and the practice offers itself as a mean to cultivate new and more positive way of looking

at the things and self. With the regular practice and patience, the nourished focused state of mind can further

deepen into the profoundly peaceful and energized state of mind.



Himalayan Yoga is recommended to who;



- Wants to improve one's health, bring one's figure into a better shape or simply strengthen one's body and mind.

- Looking for some relaxation and to release stress.

- Always wanted to work out with a personal Instructor or felt like consulting a private coach in order to figure out       how to reach one's goals.


Furthermore, I will provide you with efficient ways to fulfill your personal destination and bring your vision into reality.


For this purpose, I have developed special programs based on weight reduction, muscle strength and life balance, that have already helped many clients to achieve their personal goals over the past ten years. In addition, if you are suffering from any pain in parts of your body, I can help you with realignment of your body structure and guide you to release the pain.