Himalayan Yoga is everyone's yoga.


Regardless of religion and cultural boundaries, all of us pass through same type of conditions


Yoga is a lifelong process of investing our efforts towards improvement of such condition in our lives.


Himalayan Yoga’s intention is to empower people around the world to engage themselves in this process.





 Himalayan Yoga is recommended to who;



- Wants to improve one's health, bring one's figure into a better shape or simply strengthen one's body and mind.

- Looking for some relaxation and to release stress.

- Always wanted to work out with a personal Instructor or felt like consulting a private coach in order to figure out       how to reach one's goals.


Furthermore, I will provide you with efficient ways to fulfill your personal destination and bring your vision into reality.


For this purpose, I have developed special programs based on weight reduction, muscle strength and life balance, that have already helped many clients to achieve their personal goals over the past ten years. In addition, if you are suffering from any pain in parts of your body, I can help you with realignment of your body structure and guide you to release the pain.